Sunday, 10 June 2012

A Friday jog

I had a fine rainy-day a couple of weeks ago for my longer than normal lunchtime run that took me to the grounds of the David Dunlap Observatory as it's not far from where I work. I also found an unusual location to catch some N/S activity on the Bala subdivision where it passes through Richmond Hill just north of Highway 16 (Rutherford Rd.). It sits between Church St. S. and Hillsview Dr. just west of the entrance to the observatory. There is a pedestrian / cycling pathway that connects the two streets and has a railway crossing. There's no road, yet the crossing has a set of drop arms and lights, the drop arms are just really short.

The view soutbound extends a good half mile or so straight and offers a nice approach shot opportunity. I'd love to catch a morning where the Via Canadian moves through on it's return from the west coast, or maybe just catch the ONR Northlander travelling northbound.

I'm not sure how the Northlander times for this area. Bala maps mark Richmond Hill at about 21 miles from Union Station. That means roughly somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes after departure. I may try getting there at 9:10 and see if I can get lucky one morning this week. If it takes more than 8 minutes I will have to bail out in order to make a regularly scheduled 9:30 meeting.

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