Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Hey, a cool double track crossing on a heavy line

And right in town.  Town of Markham, that is.

I was tracing the lines of the York Sub on Google maps and saw a road level crossing over Hwy 14.  I'm sure it's well known, but not to me.  I popped over after work just to get a feel for the location.
Situated just west of Warden Ave, lots of places to park, a sidewalk crossing the tracks, shade (very convenient), and a familiar business amongst modellers, George's Trains, just off the line.

I waited around for most of an hour, with nothing showing up.  Took some snaps with my phone, listened for any indication of approaching units, nuttin'.

As I pocketed my phone and crossed the tracks to head back to the car, sure enough, lights flash and bells ring.  I scoot back over to the sunlight side as a pair of CN EMDs round the bend from the SW and give some satisfying horn action as a mixed consist, mostly tankers, head east.  No idea what numbers they were.  Shooting with the phone is pretty challenging in a bright, noisy situation.

After it disappeared I headed out but will return very soon.  Next time I'll bring the Nikon 5000 and the handycam to get some audio/vid of that nice horn blast.

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